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Gaining Visibility into Daily Operations to Make Better Future Decisions

Monitoring Platform is an ecosystem that allows users of all levels of the organization to have access to realtime data. Facilitating informed, proactive decisions to improve operational efficiencies.

UI/UX Design
Web Dev

Our client

Steelhaus boldly drives the market with innovative energy solutions; fusing practical, field proven experience, adaptable engineering, integrated manufacturing, and uncompromising safety with relentless delivery of unwavering customer service.

Our mission

To enable Steelhaus to maximizing profits through an intelligent software platform that includes AI driven scheduling, equipment optimization and real-time analytics through data driven decisions. The application needed to encompass both web development and a mobile application. Oh and we had to build hardware to integrate to their existing fleet.

Multiple kiosks displaying the Steelhaus Machine Management software

When they said they were going to do something, they did it.

Stephen Truzak, General Manager Steelhaus

Schedule order using the Steelhaus Machine Management software

User-Friendly Interactions

No matter who's using the application the user experience is simple and intuitive for all members of the organization. Everyone from machinists on the shop floor to accountants in the back office now have a product developed specifically with them in mind.

Planning for Success

The only way to know where you are going is to plan for it. The application we developed incorporates an intelligent scheduling solution which provides the team at Steelhaus with the most optimized build planning and includes parts and material, along with equipment and personal.

Desktop displaying Steelhaus Machine Management software

Seeing Around Corners

If you had one super power what would it be? Ours would be predicting the future! Having access to data in realtime is almost as good as seeing into the future, it allows users to make informed decisions with complete data. A streamlined manufacturing process supported by technology has allowed for enhanced forecast accuracy and line of sight to shop capacity.

Tablet displaying Steelhaus software dashboard

Client Success

This solution evolved as we progressed. We were asked to design and deliver enhanced functionality mid way through the project. We were able to deliver the solution on the original timeframe and within the updated budget.

Client Love

"They were energetic. When they said they were going to do something, they did it. We gave them some tough feedback, and they took everything in stride."

Stephen Truzak, General Manager Steelhaus

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