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Masterpiece Retirement Residence

Revolutionizing the Health Care Industry

SOL is web and mobile app that combines the needs of health care professionals and retirement home residents in single inclusive and empowered solution. Sol utilizes an AI driven scheduling platform for maximum efficiency while allowing staff to manage their own schedules on a mobile app.

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Our client

Masterpiece Retirement is an innovative company, passionate about improving the quality of life for seniors. They are a company focused on delivering exceptional hospitality in wonderful surroundings by incorporating fresh ideas that enrich the lives of their residents. Their goal is to continue to raise industry standards while offering extraordinary service at an incredible value.

Our mission

For Masterpiece, we were asked to improve how the team operated. To take manual processes and a reliance on Excel, and evolve the organization into the digital era. We were able to determine the catalyst was scheduling and employee communication. Through an AI driven scheduling tool and an employee communication mobile app, we were able to dramatically impact the culture within Masterpiece.

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Launchcode took extra steps to help us be successful that other companies wouldn’t have.

Tim Garforth-Bles, President Masterpiece Care Corporation.

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AI Driven Scheduling

One of the key features to the success of the project is scheduling. Being able to schedule in an efficient and optimized way is a win for the organization and staff. The scheduling web app uses an AI engine with predetermined rules of the business to build the most optimized schedule.

The Empowerment Culture

The people, it's all about the people. An empowered staff is a happy staff and with a happy staff you have happy clients. The staff at Masterpiece now control their work/life balance through the SOL mobile app and the results speak for themselves, just ask their staff and clients.

SOL employee app

Removing the Middleman

Three's a crowd! Through the build we determined a way to remove the need for 3rd party employee management tools. We tied directly into multiple software platforms to increase their return on investment and speed up their day to day workflow.

Client Success

Masterpiece no longer relies on manual processes and excel. They have seen an increase in the valuation of the company while simultaneously increasing employee morale. Through this solution Masterpiece saw an ROI in less than 6 months and an increase in the valuation of the company by over $8 million.

Client Love

“Before Launchcode's solution, our entire staffing process was done manually. It was time-intensive and errors occurred frequently, which then added more time as management had to sort out inaccuracies. The app has greatly improved efficiency as well as staff morale, which were two main areas we were concerned with.”

Tim Garforth-Bles, President Masterpiece Care Corporation.

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