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Revolutionizing Waste Management Compliance in Energy

Discover how SECURE’s ground-breaking digital solution, WiQ, is transforming oilfield waste management into a streamlined, efficient, and compliance-driven process.



SECURE is a leading environmental waste management and energy infrastructure business headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

The Corporation’s extensive infrastructure network located throughout western Canada and North Dakota includes waste processing and transfer facilities, industrial landfills, metal recycling facilities, crude oil and water gathering pipelines, crude oil terminals and storage facilities.

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Leap into Digital Innovation

As the largest environmental and waste infrastructure receiver in western Canada, SECURE recognized the need for a digital transformation in their operations, given inefficient, paper-based waste management processes in the oilfield industry that were cumbersome and often created challenges for operations and regulatory compliance.

Given the sheer volume of waste processed by the company, the industry’s reliance on outdated methods has led to operational complexities.

SECURE, in collaboration with Launchcode, developed WiQ or Waste IQ, a digital solution designed to streamline these processes. This innovative platform is designed to digitize thousands of paper transactions, ensuring data integrity, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

WiQ significantly automates workflows, reduces manual intervention, and sets a new path forward in waste management practices.

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The Challenge of Inefficient Practices

The oil and gas waste management industry largely operates on manual, paper-based systems, leading to significant inefficiencies and data inaccuracies.

Each stage of waste management, from generation, to transportation and disposal, requires physical documentation, often involving carbon copies for multiple stakeholders—generators, transporters, and receivers.

This system was prone to errors, resulting in poor reporting.

Regulatory compliance, overseen by bodies like the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), was challenging due to the manual nature and potential inaccuracies in documentation.

Communication between parties was inefficient, relying on the physical transfer of documents.

The process lacked timely data access and was resource-intensive, with administrative staff facing significant backlogs in processing paperwork. This traditional approach has been patch-worked as the industry matured. It was time for a new way of doing things that brought
all stakeholders together to leverage modern technologies and drive efficiencies.

With tens of thousands of trucks operating numerous routes monthly, the industry in general and SECURE in particular was handling an immense volume of paperwork.

The existing digital solutions in the market did not satisfy the needs of SECURE and their partners. Adopting these technologies would have led to increased workforce requirements and complicated workflows, causing confusion for both internal operations and customers.

The endeavour to digitize this information was not only a technological challenge but also a substantial operational and cultural shift.

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Mobile and web app development

SECURE wanted a digital solution that could handle the vast amount of data and transactions involved in waste management.

The objectives were to ensure data integrity, automate processes, and conserve resources in terms of personnel time and operational costs.

The project was envisioned to streamline workflows, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance customer interaction.

"The space we’re in is a blue ocean and our customers are already asking for many, many new functions, which is great. There is plenty of opportunity with technology and I am excited because we have hit our stride and are literally just scratching the surface. There will be much more to come."
Marvin Wong
Vice President - Business Intelligence, Technology & Security @ SECURE Energy
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Journey to Digital Excellence

The development journey of WiQ is a prime example of how a focused and rapid development strategy can lead to significant advancements in digital transformation within traditional industries.

This journey took less than 13 months from inception to launch, a testament to the project’s efficient management and the synergies between SECURE and Launchcode.

Central to this expedited development timeline was the consistent and dedicated effort from both teams. A dynamic working relationship was established that harnessed SECURE’s deep industry knowledge alongside Launchcode’s technical expertise.

A key element of the development process was the series of regular field visits. These visits allowed the team to gain direct insights into the day-to-day operations of waste management. In these visits, the team engaged with all market participants to ensure perspectives were shared and understood – ensuring that the solution will meet the needs of the ecosystem.

By engaging closely with the operational environment, the team could tailor WiQ to meet the practical needs of the end users effectively. This hands-on approach ensured that the final product was not only technologically sound but also highly relevant and user-friendly.

As the project progressed, the development team focused on building a platform
that not only streamlined operations but also provided timely data access. This aspect was vital for enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making across the waste management lifecycle. For instance, transporters could now access information about waste pickups and drop-offs more efficiently, and receivers had immediate access to data upon waste arrival, significantly improving operational planning and compliance reporting.

Another major aspect of the journey was change management, which involved not only the technical integration of the new system but also addressing the cultural shifts within the company and industry. Ensuring that the team members were ready to adapt to and embrace the new digital tools was crucial for the successful implementation of WiQ.

"When we started working on this project, SECURE had a strong idea of what they wanted to build, the overarching idea. They knew they wanted a digital solution, they knew it needed to be regulatory compliant. They saw the issues that they wanted the solution for. That is wherewe came in with our expertise."
Michael Kissinger
Product Owner @ Launchcode

Changing the Game with WiQ

WiQ is on its way to digitize a substantial portion of SECURE’s paper-based processes. The solution offers significant improvements in data integrity and operational efficiency. The automation of previously manual processes led to resource savings and reduced the potential for human error, contributing to a more streamlined workflow.

WiQ illustrates how digital transformation can address complex industry challenges through collaborative development and a user-centric approach. By focusing on the real needs of the industry and involving multiple stakeholders in the development process, SECURE has positioned WiQ to be a game-changer in waste management. The project not only showcases the potential of technology in traditional industries but also serves as a model for successful digital innovation.

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Embracing Transformation

SECURE’s team has demonstrated a strong commitment to change management, ensuring both technology readiness and cultural adaptation
among its team members.

Intensive training and support have been provided to facilitate the transition to the new system.

The leadership is focused on adopting WiQ as a crucial component of the company’s future operations.

"Creation of WiQ is the true definition of innovation. Partnering with Marvin and the SECURE team has been refreshing. Driven by a clear vision and a unified team approach, we were able to help bring their vision to life, resulting in a new revenue stream within the business. We are excited to be a part of the Energy industry’s step forward into a new era, one that is powered by innovation."
Robbie Butchart
CRO @ Launchcode

Driving Digital Transformation Forward

SECURE’s efforts for the future are two-pronged: expanding WiQ’s capabilities and increasing adoption.

There is focus on WiQ’s capabilities with other systems and applications to increase its func- tionality to further help their customers.

Other waste receivers have shown interest in the application. This is primarily driven by the approach SECURE took to develop WiQ as well as how it is technically architected and controlled.

There is also recognition that widespread adoption of WiQ could significantly enhance overall industry efficiency in waste management. By expanding its user base, SECURE aims to create a more interconnected and streamlined industry for waste management.

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