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Risk Alive

Making the World Safer Through Data

The Risk Alive library is a web app using the Unity gaming engine to visualize millions of records of data in a fun and engaging manner. This smart web tool simplifies complex datasets into a walkable library game where users can learn risk data as they "play" in the library.

UI/UX Design
Web Dev
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Data Visualization
Red-haired Risk Alive character

Our client

Process safety management can be overwhelming, frustrating and confusing. Risk Alive makes it easier and faster to both recognize threats and identify opportunities that will help prioritize your process improvements, manage regulatory compliance, reduce spending inefficiencies and ultimately create safer ways to work.

Our mission

We were tasked to make a complicated environment with complicated data simple and engaging. The result was a fun web app that drives users through the platform. Our developers created a dynamic user experience that adapts the books and shelves in the library based on who the user's avatar.

They’re easy to talk to and they always provide us options to achieve our goals.

Fernando Moreira, Risk Alive Research and Development Manager

Girl with glasses Risk Alive character
Data visualization in the Risk Alive Library software

Complicated Data Simplified

With companies having multiple sites, facilities and equipment data, it is often hard to keep knowledge where it belongs. The library web app made it easy to find any data the user is looking for quickly and accurately. Users can also see related risk data, add important pages or books to their book bag and share their knowledge with others.

Safety Made Fun

"I love reading safety manuals" said no one ever! We took that challenge and turned the end user experience around 180 degrees. We took inspiration from the most beautiful library in the world, the Stuttgart library, and made a 3D model that grows in size as more data is added. Everyone now agrees, the library web app provides a fun and engaging experience that facilitates learning.

Red-haired Risk Alive character

Risk Alive Got Real

After an intense pilot using the only the data from a small number of companies we opened it up to all of Risk Alive's client data with great success and fanfare. As we integrated with the database of risk learnings, the library web app grew in relevancy and credibility. We loved this project and look forward to continuing the enhancements of the Library platform.

Desktop computer displaying the Risk Alive Library software

Client Success

Taking inspiration from the most beautiful library in the world, we developed a digital twin hosting Risk Alive's data. The library was really well received by all stakeholders as a way to ensure that employees are empowered to minimize risk at their facilities. This platform was able to make organizations safer through the "playing" of a game.

Client Love

"It’s a really cool way to search for information. The younger members of our team really enjoy it. It’s cartoonish and really playful."

Fernando Moreira, Risk Alive Research and Development Manager

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