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House of Cars

The Future of Automotives Sales.

Management of the entire organization from a single platform while evolving the car buying experience.

UI/UX Design
Web Dev
Mobile Dev
Data Visualization
UI Cards of cars for sale
UI Cards of cars for sale

Our client

House of Cars prides itself on being a company of opportunity and by offering the public – not only quality pre-owned vehicles – but access to House Of Cars’ exclusive (and very well-known) Credit Rebuilding Program.

Our mission

The organization operates with multiple different applications which do not speak to one another. Our task was to build an all in one solution which was geared towards a young and intuitive user group. Additionally, we built a VR application to validate the new online buyer experience.

Admin dashboard of the house of cards app

Manage your business from the palm of your hand

All information that's relevant to the business is now all in one spot and easily accessible no matter what beach the team is on. Content is accessible on the software application from the holistic level all the way down to a granular view. From closed business to sales forecasts and key metrics vital for future growth, it's all there.

Mobile device displaying application summary
Two mobile devices, one displaying application inventory for consumers and the other for admins

Intelligently match inventory to clients

Through an intuitive application the dealership can link their inventory to potential buyers. With this feature embedded in the software clients can create a 'dream list' and when inventory becomes available, both the sales professional and client can get notified.

VR Storefront

Buyers are changing the marketplace and organizations must adapt to these evolving demands - hello VR. Typical brick and mortar locations are no longer necessary with an immersive buyer experience through VR type applications.

Concept of a VR storefront

Next Missions

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A smart tool that simplifies complex datasets into a powerful learning repository empowering organizations to lead the growth of their industry.

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