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A virtual healthcare appointment app

Launchcode, a full-service development company, presents an easy-to-use and secure video communication and digital health solution that connects people with your services

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Cisco (in partnership with Ignite, for Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information) As a development company, Launchcode often collaborates with partners that ensures a perfect fit in service and solution delivery. A relationship with Cisco partner Ignite Technologies evolved into a fruitful partnership, and has since resulted in multiple successful projects, especially with the American networking technology giant as the primary client.

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The bird's eye view

Enjoyn ensures top-notch video communication with privacy and accessibility as a driving force. A highly customizable application with video calling and scheduling features, Enjoyn began its journey as an application for healthcare providers.

With increasing workloads on healthcare practitioners, Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI) sought a solution that would allow for online doctor consultations and scheduling. This would not only help improve the accessibility of quality healthcare but also efficiency.

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How to simplify online doctor consultations?

In recent years, public healthcare services in Canada and world over have dealt with increased dependency of patients and higher workload for doctors. According to 2016 estimates, 41.9% of the population in Newfoundland and Labrador lived in rural areas¹. In 2020, the province had 131 doctors for every 100,000 people as compared to the national average of 242, according to Canadian Institute for Health Information. The province has also been looking to reduce patient wait times for elective treatments.

Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI) is tasked with delivering digital health solutions within the province, while also being responsible for providing data, insights and offer support services.

NLCHI, leveraging its existing relationship with Cisco, looked for a customized solution that focused on primarily providing effective care in a timely manner, while also ensuring privacy for doctors and patients. The Covid-19 pandemic only compounded the situation further and accelerated the need for a holistic solution.

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Dream on!

Virtual consultations as a solution to healthcare accessibility around the world has only increased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Canada, in 2019, patients received 2-11% of their healthcare services virtually, depending on the provinces. The number went up to between 24% and 42% in 2020². The organization not only wanted to ensure accessibility of consultations with general practitioners but also specialists, especially among those who can't commute easily. The Covid-19 pandemic was a major catalyst in this drive to look for an efficient video consultation too.

The NLCHI also had privacy concerns surrounding some of the major players in the niche service industry. In fact, authorities in certain provinces even cautioned residents about privacy-related issues of some of these apps. The solution for NLCHI, preferably extending an existing relationship with Cisco, would ensure effective video consultation between doctors and patients, while also ensuring the public health care system still is fair with no out-of-turn and invasive communication.

Webex, Cisco's capable B2B-focused video communication tool, was a robust alternative but a simple user experience was the need of the hour since the targeted demographic of 18-80+ years is known to have diverse technological skillsets.


The rules of the game

With the application aimed at meeting the public health system needs of a wide age-group (18-80+), the solution had to be accessible and intuitive, and be based on Webex (to leverage the Cisco relationship).

It also had work well with various platforms, different screen sizes, different browsers, and even some sketchy internet connectivity in remotest of locations.

Keeping the requirements in mind, Launchcode developers began work on front-end with React, iOS app with Swift, and Android app with Kotlin.

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In the quest for a digital health solution

With the initial brief in place, developers began work in the early Spring of 2021, and first up was focusing on the basics of Webex functionalities. Special attention was paid to ensure functional and visual consistency across platforms and browsers, given that the application would be accessed by users on at least two-three different devices with different screen sizes.

As the Launchcode team made progress, client feedback changed the project brief, now including a scheduling feature that would allow admin/assistants to book appointments. The change brought with itself a new set of privacy and security concerns, since email addresses and phone numbers are widely used to set up calls and communications between doctors and patients.

The developers eventually zeroed in on a privacy solution that sent email invitations to doctors and patients from a secure server, without exposing email addresses of users. The scheduling function is a web-only feature for now. Given the variance in internet bandwidth depending on user location, Enjoyn also ensures remote internet connectivity.

It supports audio capabilities on 3G networks, while video functions work seamlessly on 4G and higher networks. As development progressed, a virtual waiting room was designed. The feature allows for implementation of client-specific commercial promotions in the future.

“We are really proud of Enjoyn. A lot of work has gone into ensuring privacy for users, functionality for clients and consistency across platforms for all.”
Daniel Zarinski
Lead Developer @ Launchcode

What you see is what you get

The application was intended for use by people of various tech capabilities, and so UX/UI design was key in making it accessible for a wide audience. It was crucial to have singular anchor buttons on any given screen and yet further the end goal of providing effective care.

The application incorporates icons and imagery to communicate effectively, along with sans-serif fonts that are known to be rated higher for readability.

The color palette that's dominated by orange/living coral (awarded Pantone Color of the Year in 2019), supports dynamic user interface, good text contrast levels, and is colorblind-friendly.

“Everything from onboarding a user to scheduling appointments is an uncomplicated process with Enjoyn. Enjoyn benefits from industry standards, research and even my grandparents' inputs.”
Natasha Konwitschny
UX/UI Designer @ Launchcode

Online doctor consultations made easy

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, Enjoyn. It's simple, easy to use, secure, accessible, visually pleasing and functionally effective.

With its easy-to-use, convenient and secure applications on iOS, Android and the web, Enjoyn is supporting clients in boosting staff efficiency by reducing lead times on appointments and offering scheduling flexibility.

Enjoyn is convenient to use from anywhere, anytime, and on any device, which means it helps in reducing patient no-shows.

It leverages Cisco's existing relationships and offers an accessible and functional solution for a wide variety of industries.

“Enjoyn simplifies a complex experience for a remarkably diverse set of people. It's like Google; it is so simple, yet complex.”
Robbie Butchart
CRO @ Launchcode
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Clients love us!

After months of hard work, testing, feedback from healthcare practitioners who used Enjoyn before a full launch, the clients loved the application and were impressed by its features.

The application ensured an extension of the existing Cisco relationship with Webex's high quality video communication capabilities at the heart of it.

The UX design that focused on simplicity, accessibility for people of all ages, technical ability and vision-related deficiencies, was appreciated.

Privacy measures built into the application, including email invitations from secure server that prevents access to personal email addresses, ensures no out-of-turn and invasive communication.

Enjoyn does not store any user identifiable information on its servers. Only the Webex user ID and organization ID are kept besides some meeting meta data.

With the application accessible on all platforms and in areas of remote internet connectivity, long-term target is to improve patient accessibility to healthcare practitioners, reduce patient no-shows, and provide better and timely healthcare services.

Enjoyn has now been adopted by both the Cisco and Ignite sales teams as an add-on product to the Webex platform.

“Rather than just delivering an app, they wanted to create, execute, and be part of future development and strategy. They even wanted to engage with our customers and provide support, which isn't always typical with app development partners..”
Steven Taylor
President & CEO Ignite Collaboration Services Group
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With this development company, innovation does not rest

Launchcode developers are not only gearing towards the maintenance and support aspects of the application but are also looking to improve and add features.

Enjoyn has already been updated to factor in the latest version of Webex, which is without any third-party tools and packages.

There are plans to add capabilities for calling devices, like boardroom monitors, and implement group calling features, that are functional and yet not distracting.

Given Enjoyn's robust foundations and functionalities, the application can be used across various industries, including but not limited to pharmacies, legal services, community care and financial services.

For more on Enjoyn and to book a demo, click here.


Why is the app called Enjoyn?

It's about putting joy in experiences that don’t typically bring you any. It connects your audiences to services that are essential and makes these interactions seamless, easy-to-use and comfortable.

Download the app from:

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1“Your Health System.” Canadian Institute for Health Information. Accessed 28 April 2022.

2Virtual care: A major shift for Canadians receiving physician services.” Canadian Institute for Health Information, 24 March 2022. Accessed 28 April 2022.

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