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Earth Drilling

Quote to Cash Baby!

Out with the old and in with the new! Gone are the days of excel spreadsheet and old systems! We built a custom piece of software designed to enhance the employees' experience and their clients... next up, laser beams!

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Earth Drilling estimate screenshot

Our client

Earth Drilling is a solution-based company who always brings new ideas to the table. Earth Drilling represents a new generation of geotechnical and environmental drilling.

Our mission

We were tasked to design an automated experience to replace the existing manual quotation and invoicing process. The need was to have a web based application with mobile capability developed to provide a fresh, new and more efficient outcome.

Earth Drilling estimate screenshot

Launchcode has enabled our company to become more efficient through the development of this platform which has helped reduce our operational cost and improve our client experience at the same time.

Chris Gourlie, VP Drilling Earth Drilling

Redefining how sales meets operations

The vision was to create a highly flexible and intuitive application that facilitates the handoff between sales and operations. The result is scalability with reliable data, oh and we are helping them save money too!

Efficiency through simplicity

Designed with clarity in mind. As the team grows the application needs to be intuitive enough for easy onboarding. The workflow was understood to ensure this product was build with their needs in mind.

Built on solid ground image
Built on solid ground image

Built on solid ground

Implementation of a cohesive and solid foundation as preparation for future features - that's a mouth full! In other words, make it easy to expand upon for adding timesheets, scheduling, and maybe even a field application for employees.

Client Success

Quote to cash without the interruptions! We have developed the initial phase of this project on time, on budget and with a happy client. They now have a modern solution that moves as fast as they do and we've been re-engaged to build out a second phase for this project.

Client Love

“The Launchcode team was able to adapt to our requests without missing a beat. The creative process was refreshing and the results have been amazing.”

Chris Gourlie, VP Drilling Earth Drilling

Next Missions

SOL - Scheduling & Employee App

SOL combines all of the requirements needed to create an inclusive and empowered environment. An AI driven scheduling tool and an integrated employee app bring it all together.

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