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We know how to give our best.We also know how to have fun.

Launchcode culture

Culture is King and something we will not compromise on. This is one of our key differentiators, the thing that makes us great and enables a trusting work environment where people genuinely love to come to work each day. It's funny when we explain our culture to prospective teammates, we feel a lot of them think we over exaggerate how good really is. That is until they get here to experience it first hand and realize it's better than described. We'd love to share the experience with you, come be a part of our special project Fridays, hackathons, tech meetups or a game of squash (Did we mention we have our own squash court).

Launchcode values

Meet our team

What's the best way to show all of the launchers & coders on our team? By showing them through a cool internal project they built. This is our squash ladder with a tech twist. Our players keep track of scores and can save awesome instant replays by the press of a button. The leaderboard is automatically calculated using international elo ranking with points redistribution for those that play the most. Best of all, an internal dashboard showing live rankings with all the replay videos is projected on a big screen beside our kitchen so everyone can see.


Join us for a game!

We hope you enjoy our live squash ladder as much as we do.

If you're interested in seeing how it works in person, we'd love to host you for a squash game. However, since the scores are shown on our website, we can't guarantee we will take it easy on you 😉

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